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Buying your first hula hoop

Beginners hoops from

If you recently started hula hooping, congratulations!

Learning to hula hoop is an incredibly rewarding process and a journey that will take you to a lot of magical places. Do not give up hula hooping, it's all worth it!

I highly recommend you to get your own hoop, especially if you have started to attend a hula hoop class.

While daily hula hoop practice may not be possible for everyone, remember you can just do 10-15 minutes here and there, while you're watching TV or when you're brewing your tea. It still counts!

I mostly purchase my hula hoops from Lottie and have done so for a few years now!

Based in Bournemouth, Lottie from Hoopmaker handcrafts all types of hula hoops, from CUSTOM shiny, sparkly beginners ones, to professional dance and trick hoops made with light and responsive polypro tubing.

Check out her website and use the discount code planethoop10 to get 10% off your first hula hoop!

For advice on size, tube thickness and material, contact Clara at or Lottie on her website.

Hoop on!

Clara xx



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