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Candy Cotton

hula hooping will change your life(style)

Planet Hoop was created in order to connect, share and inspire you to keep moving. We do this using the hula hoop and a combination of practices such as yoga, breath work, functional movement and dance.

We're here to work around your schedule and abilities and support you overcome limiting beliefs such as "I don't have time to exercise" or "I am not good enough". Planet Hoopers join our 121 and group sessions to become more active, lose weight, feel creative or just to have fun and connect.

During the Planet Hoop community events, on the other hand, people experience a powerful connection to their own bodies and to each other which translates into greater community wellbeing and a healthier society. 

Inside the hula hoop, you will:

  • learn to respect your body and live guilt-free

  • start to enjoy working out and explore new forms of movement

  • become more motivated to stick to your goals

  • meet people like you who will empathise and support you

  • boost your memory, coordination and strength

  • experience a drastic change in your mood

  • have fun while getting/staying fit

  • express yourself and unleash your creativity

  • tap into the natural flow of movement

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Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.

A healthy mind, in a healthy body.


My grandad's reminder

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