Candy Cotton

hula hooping will change your life(style)

Planet Hoop is here to enable you to become a healthier and happier version of who you already are.

Forget about the lack of time or other limiting beliefs: YOU CAN DO THIS.

Inside the hula hoop, you will:

  • learn to truly love and respect your body

  • start to love working out

  • become more motivated to STICK to your goals

  • meet people like you who will empathise and support you

  • experience a drastic change in your mood

  • have fun while getting/staying fit

  • express yourself and unleash your creativity

  • discover the natural flow of movement

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hoop more, worry less

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Monday, 28th of September

Hoop Dance and Flow - On-Body Flow

Thursday, 17th of September

ABSolved! - Upper Body Work

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