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Are hula hoops provided?

Yes, hoops are provided for most classes and events.


Where do I buy a hoop?

There are several hoop makers out there and we talked about it in one of our blog posts. Click here for more information.


Will hula hooping tone my abs?

Yes. Hula hooping will tone your whole body, but this depends on how often and how intensely you train, as well as what your fitness levels are when you get started. No exercise can reduce fat in a particular area of your body though, and it will not replace a generally active lifestyle and a balanced diet.


Is bruising normal?

Bruising is very common when first starting to hula hoop. Some people are more susceptible to bruising and it may take a little longer for their body to adjust. It is important that you do not continue to hoop when you are bruised, and allow yourself time to heal. Bruising can be visible and less visible, and it can occur on your waist, on your arms, and legs, and in any area where the skin is soft and not used to this type of impact.


Is hula hooping good for weight loss.

Absolutely. It all depends on how consistent you are with your hula hooping, and what your diet is. In order to lose weight while hula hooping though, you must be in a caloric deficit, which means you must consume less calories than what you burn. 


Which hula hoop is best to start with?

We recommend a hula hoop in a large diameter, which means 38” and over. A large hoop will spin slowly, giving you time to learn and adjust to the motions. For more information about how to choose a hoop, please see above at Where do I buy a hoop?


What are the benefits of hula hooping?

We believe “gateway to movement”. Consistent practice of hula hooping will improve or maintain both one’s physical and mental health.

One of the main benefits of hula hooping is that it gets you moving without feeling like a chore, so it removes that first barrier to exercise.

Secondly, makes you feel great!  When you finally unlock a hula hoop move, such as keeping the hoop spinning around your waist, you will instantly get a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Your brain will get all the good juices (hormones) flowing, which means you’ll be feeling joyful and energised. 

Broken down into more specific details, these benefits are: improved mood, improved cardio-vascular health and motor skills, improved motor skills, balance and coordination (a huge one!), body toning and strengthening, a fun calorie burner, family-friendly, fun, inexpensive, and low-impact, which makes it super-accessible for people with a range of health issues.  Hula Hooping is also an accessible form of exercise, and a great option for blind, D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people.


How did hula hooping come about?

Great question! Find out by reading the blog: A history of hooping.


Is hula hooping good for your back?

Hula hooping is a great form of movement. Like any other type of exercise or tool, it always depends on how you perform it. Good form, practising on both sides, warming up and stretches are some of the things we suggest you incorporate in your training for maximum benefits.


Is hula hooping suitable for children?

Hooping is great for everyone. With the right guidance and the right games and activities, people of all ages and abilities can reap the benefits of hooping. Our clients are aged 3 to 80.


I have poor coordination, will I be able to learn hooping?

Absolutely. Learning to manipulate the hoop will develop your skills and abilities. It all takes consistent practice, of course, but the results can be amazing and you will feel so proud of yourself.


Is hooping suitable for schools?

Hooping is highly appreciated by all our clients in schools, clubs and community centres. The activities we deliver are engaging, they teach collaboration, patience and perseverance, while enabling children and young people to communicate and apply their ideas in a creative manner. The sessions and parties we attend are a balanced mix of structure, free flow and improvisation, and are often child-led.


Do I need to buy hoops for my event?

No, Planet Hoop will always provide the hoops for your event, unless required otherwise. We can also source custom-made hula hoops for your special event.


Can I hire a hula hoop performer for my event?

Yes, you can. We collaborate with a lot of exquisite performers, who are ready to mesmerise and engage your audience. Get in touch and we will take care of everything for you.

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