Clara is a fantastic teacher - full of encouragement and knows how to structure the moves and sequences for even the most novice Hooper. 100% recommended for all!

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Hula hooping has taught me perseverance, patience and the importance of a community that is supportive and absolutely indispensable! Hoop dance also keeps me sane and I am incredibly grateful for being able to share it with you.

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Clara, thanks so much for everything. For me your classes have been so much more than a class. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety earlier this year and I am feeling much better now; your class is a really key component of my recovery. You are a great teacher but more than that you have an amazing skill in creating a community around you. Thanks for your warmth and encouragement. Have a wonderful break over Christmas and looking forward to lots more hoopy times in 2019! Xx


Clara is super enthusiastic and hosts really fun classes! She’ll always take the time to go through cool sequences or hoop tricks with you on your own if you’re a bit stuck. She’s the best, I’d definitely recommend he


I was always sad I couldn't hula hoop at primary so took this chance to right that wrong! My goal was just to be able to spin the hoop around my waist without it falling off...goal exceeded! I can not only waist hoop but learned loads of fun and impressive looking tricks and had a lovely time. It turns out hula hooping is a real workout too! Thanks Clara!!


Thank you for the class :))) i really enjoyed it and actually felt like i properly FLOWED for the first time with a hoop!! [...] ^_^ what i really liked about the class is that even if you are familiar with the basic moves, practice is always good and it takes you back to really focusing on your technique and working those muscles. i loved the casual beginner atmosphere <3


Hooping is a way for me to better my mental and physical health. After hooping for 3 years, I've loved to be a part of the Planet Hoop workshops where I've been able to teach others, learn new things and make new friends. Clara has such a positive energy, she can help you gain confidence and further your skills and strength in these classes especially for beginners. Well worth it ” 


A kind of dance sharing the space around our bodies and our creative self, that’s the magic of the hoop. Of course you have to master the skill first and with the sensual and graceful teacher like Clara Popa the world is your oyster if you dare and persevere!!


I haven't tried hula hooping since childhood, so I was pretty worried how I'm going to be. Well, I wasn't great, and I'm still not, but I feel very supported, and guided by Clara, and even if I fail after the 50th time, I still have a lot of fun, lots of laughing and just try again one more time.
The classes are very friendly, mixed abilities, but without the feeling of being judged of not being so good. In fact, I always get a complement when I finally manage to do it well.
Lots of fun tricks, and variety of movements.
It is the best workout I have done in a while, as you basically just having fun and laughing while constantly moving your body. Highly recommended!


New to hooping I thought I would come along to a workshop I saw advertised at my local pub. Best decision of the year! I have discovered an absolute love for hooping. Clara, the founder of Planethoop and organiser of the workshops, passion and energy and love for her art really is incredible! She is supportive, super friendly and really makes you feel a part of a special community. I am so, so glad I decided to come along to her class at Fox & Firkin, I am sure this is the start of an incredible hobby for fun and fitness that I will have in my life for a long time to come! Thank you Clara!


I loved the workshop because it was ran by really positive and welcoming people (that would be you!). The way the class was ran meant we were free to learn as much as we wanted or do our own thing and practice moves we had already learnt if we wanted to. This is a really great way to run a class I think as I was able to listen to my own mind and body as to what I wanted to do next - after a really long and stressful day I could reconnect with myself and have some fun with no pressure while picking up some awesome hoops tricks!


Why is this hoop making me so happy?!


I really enjoyed the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Planet Hoop.


It's such a fun way to spend an evening after work.


You were amazing. I had tried to learn to hoop on my own but I'd always get impatient. I'm so glad I took the 1-2-1 class with you, with your guidance I started making progress within minutes. And by 30min into the class, I had picked up the basics. Learning to dance with you was wonderful and now I hoop daily and my skills are getting better and better.


Highly recommend any of Clara’s classes! I did the 6-week Hoop Dance course and learned so many fab new tricks & routines. Great teaching and a fun and friendly learning environment for all levels.


Thank you so much for all the classes so far! Hooping has come to be the creative outlet that I never knew I needed. There’s no better feeling than learning a new trick in your class then finally getting the hang of a move and creating it into a flow. Your positivity and hoop-enthusiasm makes the sessions so much fun and has given me the direction I needed in this hooping journey!

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