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Community - Movement - Inclusivity - Playfulness

Meet the founder

Planet Hoop was founded by Clara in 2018, with the goal to share the fun of hula hooping and circus with the world!

We deliver to large and small groups, festivals, corporate and community parties, private and exclusive events and more.

Planet Hoop also runs hoop dance and flow courses, workshops and events for the established hoop community.

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Physical fitness

Hula Hooping is a unique full-body workout that involves movement with a hoop.


Hooping will set your legs, back and arms in motion and help you increase your strength and mobility, while improving your balance, coordination and fine motor skills.


Hooping is highly accessible for people who are D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent.

Mental Wellbeing

The repetitive motion of hula hooping can be very calming and relaxing. When you learn a new trick, you will experience a feeling of achievement, and the process develops resilience, persistence and patience.

Hooping is highly enjoyable on your own, but the social element will have a powerful and transformative impact on your overall state of mind and approach to life.



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