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Tips for beginners: buying your first hula hoop

Hey hooper!

Have you recently started hula hooping or perhaps you'd like to give it a go soon? Great decision! 😊

My name is Clara from Planet Hoop and I am here to give you a few tips on choosing your first hula hoop.

The dimensions usually range between 34" and 48-50" (inch) diameter - it depends on your body shape, and not on how tall you are. If you have a thicker waist, please look for a larger hoop ❤️ Just like a ring that feels too tight on your finger, the more space between your body and the hoop, the better. 99% of the people I worked with have managed to hoop the first time once I handed them a LARGE hoop.

You will find that online sellers have a special area where you can order a Beginner Hoop, made of HDPE, a type of plastic that is easy to learn with: it's heavier than the ones you see hoopers performing tricks with and rigid enough to listen to you!

If you like those shiny, sparkly hoops, note that the tape will add to the hula hoop's weight, which will also help you in your learning journey.

I have a couple of things to ask you:

One: Please do NOT buy a weighted hoop or simply don't go higher than a 1.2kg hoop (for many, even 1kg can be too heavy if you don't have the strength and stamina required). Also, please avoid hoops with beads or wavy tubing as they can do unnecessary damage. You even risk being put off hula hooping for ever. Can you imagine that?!

Two: Purchase your hoop from an independent hoop store, if you can afford it. Most of the shiny, colourful, custom-made hoops are handcrafted by independent hoop magicians and they require a lot of work! They are also of superior quality and made just for you. I still have my first hoop and love it very much.

I want everyone to have access to high-quality hoops from an expert hoop-maker, so with the help of wonderful Lottie from Hoopmaker I have put together a Hooper's Headstart Kit for only £25. This includes a custom dance hoop, postage, a beginner tutorial and a 15-minute online 121 session with me to help you troubleshoot or teach you a couple of easy moves.

Are you into off-body hooping, circus tricks or doubles? Then you might want to look for hoops with a diameter starting at 36" and lower.

Other great places you can get your hoop from are Hoopspin, One Stop Hoop Shop, This Bean Spins, (all of them independent), but you will also find makers and hoops on Etsy, Argos or Decathlon. You can also make your own, if you have a pair of crafty hands, the right tools and a bit of patience :)

Feel free to ask me anything here or on and let me know if you'd like to meet your local community through Planet Hoop.

Hoopy hugs and thanks for dropping by,

Clara from Planet Hoop xx



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