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Five international hoop events you can't miss!

There is a point in a hooper's life when just going to class or learning tricks on instagram is no longer enough.

That moment comes at different times for everyone, but even if you haven't yet felt the urge, you have to read this. I am sharing this with you because I believe everyone should experience living and breathing hoops with their hoop family at least once in a lifetime.

When it comes to attending international (or just larger) hoop events, I am still a newb. However, my first experience of this kind has left a huge circle-shaped imprint on my soul and I'd love for you to experience that too.

Here's a very small selection of hoop events worth keeping your eye on and I welcome any further suggestions to help us complete this list. Email with a short paragraph description of the event you love or run, and I'll add it to the collection.

Let's go!

Hoopers lying on the grass, watching the amazing Babz Robinson teaching her class
Tadah at Sundance 2022
Tadah Artist Habitat in Antalya, Turkey

Tadah is a magical space created by Deniz, a flamenco dancer from Turkey and Till, a juggler from Germany with the purpose to nourish the artists in all of us.

They have been the hosts of hoop retreats, training programs and other courses for many years, with Emma Hoopingmad (who also runs SWHOOP) being at the forefront of these one-of-a-kind hoop events on the gorgeous Southern coast of Turkey.

SWHOOP - photo sourced from the website, with permission
SWHOOP - South-West Hoop Conference in Bristol, UK

SWHOOP may need no introduction to seasoned hoopers all over the world. If you're new to the game, this is a place where you are very likely to meet another hooper (or more!) who live somewhere near you. It's a large event, but worry not: there is something for everyone there and I, personally, can not wait to finally attend my first one!

Mika, photo sourced,from Instagram with permission
Sinergia Hoop Gathering in Barcelona, Spain

It's time to head over to Spain and take a look at this hoop event run by lovely Mika - Fans of Hooping in one of my favourite cities in Europe: Barcelona. This year, the Spring gathering will be taking place in June and it has an accessible price tag, which means that you could squeeze it in amongst any holidays you may have already planned this year. The line-up is also super-exciting and a wide variety of hoop content being delivered under the Baceloneta sky. I have just realised I really want to go now 😂

Hoop Away in Healesville, Australia

I'd like to take you all the way across the globe for this one, and introduce you to Hoop Away, an exciting and ever-changing event run twice each year by the wonderful Donna Hoop Sparx. This retreat eems to be changing location each season, which I find very exciting, and boasts pretty amazing line-ups each time. If you're

Hoop Away - photo sourced from the website, with permission

High Altitude Hoop Retreat in Jamestown, Colorado (US)

High Altitude Hoop Retreat - photo sourced from the website with permission

Last but not least (for now), I would like to mention this fairly new retreat, run by Mad About Hoops (Maddison Wiggin and Amy Neel) in the Colorado mountains. With gorgeous views and some of the best hoop instructors on the planet, this American retreat is one to keep your eyes on. I am particularly interested in anything that has to do with nature and hooping, and HAHR is scoring loads of points from this point of view.

I noticed that this year's event is sold out, but I would imagine the best way to snag a ticket is by signing up to their newsletter and setting some reminders for next year.

I would love to make this list longer and head over to this article every year and try to tick off new events. Have you attended an event that truly made your heart hoopy? Share it with me and I'll add it on here.

Let's spread the word, support the hoopers who make these gatherings happen and ensure the longevity and growth of our special community all over the planet and beyond :)

Much love,

Clara from Planet Hoop xx


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