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ABSolved! workout

Thursday, 7.00-7.40pm, Zoom

Did you know we run a 6-week hoop dance course for beginners? Join the waiting list to attend in 2021!

Delete all the programming that tells you, day after day, that you don't deserve to feel good in your body, that you can't have fun, that you are not enough.


ABSolved! was designed to reveal to you your core self and help you strengthen (not change!!) the inside and the outside of who you are. 

ABSolved! will:


  • suit all ages and abilities - perfect for improving technique and on-body hooping!

  • help you improve your posture

  • build the abdominal strength that will help maintain a healthy back

  • give you a good cardio and help you break a sweat

  • burn more calories 

  • help you start enjoying physical exercise

  • help you get leaner and feel lighter

  • rid you of deeply-buried guilt, insecurities and the outdated idea that you need to look and move a certain way in order to feel good in your own body

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