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Hoop dance and circles: a series

Hula hooping is not a fad. Humans have danced in and with circles since the beginning of time, for a plethora of reasons and purposes.

The hoop carries the universal symbolism of the circle, be it cosmic infinity, the perfection of being, the natural cycles or the notions of totality, enlightenment and God. These concepts are pillars of the human cultures all around the world and ancient interpretations of everything we know, as well as what we don't.

It comes to no surprise that in 2020 (a beautiful, round number), an overwhelming number of people have decided to join the magic. The circle is also a powerful symbol of community and togetherness, things we are all craving and we have come to appreciate now, perhaps more than ever in recent times.

Starting to dance with a hoop feels like a return to origins, rather than experiencing something new. The hula hoop becomes a glowing body aura, that protects us, grounds us and connects us with everything else. Sure, it takes skill, patience and time to attune both our bodies and minds to the circle, but haven't we become a little too disconnected from ourselves? A little too out of touch, out of rhythm, out of our mind?

I have been dreaming to write about hoops, hoop dance and circles, in general, for years and I am feeling ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to dive in deeper, here on Planet Hoop.

For those of you who love research and reading as much as you love hooping (or maybe not quite as much), welcome and I hope you enjoy this.

I will be writing about the origins of Hoop Dance, modern hoop dance and history, circle symbolism and I will take suggestions from you as well. I hope to engage with many hoopers, old and new, host some exciting discussions and touch important areas such as diversity and inclusion, cultural issues and more.

I invite you to subscribe to the newsletter here if you would like to expand your knowledge about circles, start hoop dance or simply keep an eye on our work here at PH.

Yours truly,

Clara xx

Planet Hoop

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