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I want to start hooping, but -

Making the decision to start hula hooping has the potential to change your life forever. Hula hooping is the type of physical movement that blends play, dance, fitness, performance and skill and it will take over many areas of your life in ways you never expect it to. Your hoop will act as a teacher, while you're trying to tame it. Your hoop will teach you to be patient and resilient, it will make you curious and excited, it will bring passion, action and friendship to your life. The circle itself represent infinity - can you imagine letting yourself go into a world of constant wonder and expression? It's pure magic.

I remember feeling intimidated when I rediscovered hula hooping, a few years ago. I felt like a school-girl, walking through the doors of an endlessly creative community of old-school hoopers, fitness hoopers, circus hoopers, tech hoopers, dancing hoopers, multi-hoopers, you name it! It took me ages to make an Instagram account, because I just couldn't handle the amount of information out there. Your new plastic circle can toss you right in the middle of a busy, flashy world of tricks, props of all colours and materials, highly skilled artists and a LOT of learning opportunities. Welcome to the hooping community - we just can NOT and will NOT stop hooping and sharing. So take it easy, we're here for you and you will find your place soon.

As a new hooper, you may experience anxiety, you may feel insecure, confused or intimidated.

Where do I start?

Am I skinny enough? What type of hoop do I need? (you can actually find some tips here!)

In the next post, I'll be talking about all these feelings and reasons why it could take you a while to take that bold step and start hooping. I will speak from my own experience and will share what I've been learning from other new hoopies like yourself, at Planet Hoop.

Follow me on Facebook if you're curious to hear more and send me your questions here. I, like most of the other hoopers, am more than happy to talk to you about it.


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