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Tips for hula hoop dancers: how to use the mirror in your dance studio class to your advantage

I have always wanted to run my sessions in a mirrored dance studio and the Moonshot Centre in New Cross, London, has one of the very best!

Being able to familiarise yourself with your own body in motion is empowering and invites in growth.

How to enjoy and make the most out of having a mirror in your hoop dance class:

❤️ don't be shy looking at yourself, you are amazing and beautiful and that hoop looks great on you 😉

🧡 check in with yourself occasionally to improve your posture or synchronise with the other hoopers

💛 use it to see your instructor's movement better, especially if you're standing at an angle

💚 avoid looking at the mirror for too long: you can get distracted, missing out on certain instructions or simply forgetting to be present in your own body

💙 avoid using the mirror to see what others are doing. Everyone is learning at their own pace and they all have been on very different journeys.

Enjoy yourself where you are right now and be present in your hoop ⭕️

You are welcome to enjoy this studio in one of the Planet Hoop sessions. Book yourself in advance or join one of the waiting lists here.

Loads of love,

Clara from Planet Hoop xx



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