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Are we humans, or are we hoopers?

Planet Hoop Free Workshop at Fox and Firkin

Hey everyone, there is a new community in town!

Have you heard of Planet Hoop?

Planet Hoop is a hula hoop community born in Brockley, Lewisham and quickly expanding throughout South-East London and beyond.

Planet Hoop holds the only FREE hula hoop workshops here every Wednesday at the Fox and Firkin pub in Lewisham and people from all walks of life are welcome to join the circle (see what I did there? ;)

New to the stuff but really keen? All good, Planet Hoop runs a beginners course too, also at the Fox.

But what is hula hooping?

The hula hoop was firstly known as a toy that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck, but in the recent years, this activity re-emerged and is known as “hooping” – dancing with a hula hoop as well as performing endless tricks on-body and off-body!

Hula hooping makes a perfect fitness activity while being one of the most fun and entertaining activities you can take part in for your own well-being.

It’s no wonder that people gather around hula-hoopers and decide to join this magic circle themselves: the hula hoop spins, just like the world goes round and carries everyone else with it.

When people look at a hula hoop they feel the URGE to pick it up and give it a spin.

Planet Hoop is here to hand you the hoop and tell you: DO NOT RESIST THE TEMPTATION!



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