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Hoop dance and flow

Monday, 7.00-7.40pm, Zoom

Have you spent at least 5 hours hula hooping in the past? If yes, this is for you - it's time to level up and hoop out of your comfort zone!

What you get:  Tricks and combos, support, encouragement and the opportunity to flow freely while thoroughly enjoying yourself.

Class structure: Full body warm-up, games and trick exploration, combos, cool down. Each class will be different, introducing you to new concepts, challenges and ways to explore movement with the hoop.

You don't have a hula hoop? Click here to learn how/where/what.


I will help you develop your own variations and style so that you can start to truly enjoy pushing your boundaries and develop this skill further.

I will guide and encourage you to let go and flow, both in your hoop and out of it - in real life. - Clara from Planet Hoop

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