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Put a spin on your workout. An intense cardio session with a different focus each week.

Grow your social circle. Get to know your neighbours. Have a taste of that hoop life.

Try a playful approach to your event. Surprise your guests, your team or your children.

Hoop dance and flow

The Evolution of Tricks

Location: Studio 1, The Moonshot Centre,  New Cross SE14 6LU

Dates: September 30th - November 4th

Thursday, 7pm-8pm (+30mins hoop jam)

I invite you to take these 6 unique classes, suitable for the beginner, as well as the more advanced hooper who is keen to get back to basics, deepen their knowledge and discover new possibilities. 

Each class is different and you can book it both as a course or drop-in (based on availability), the hoops will be provided.

Key-words: the 180 flip, hand turns, palms spins, vortex variations, mandala pass, leg/foot hooping, escalators, creativity and exercises.

Each class is one hour long and you have the option to stay for another 30 minutes after class to train, socialise, record yourself or just chill and stretch it out.



Full Course

Class only: £72 (6 hours)

Class + 30min jam: £90 (9 hours)

Drop-in (based on the availability on the day)

Class only: £15

Class + hoop jam: £20

Hoop jam only: £5

Subscribers have early access and Early Bird fees!


Hoop dance and flow

1-2-1 or Buddy-Up

Don't know what to expect?

Imagine working with a personal trainer whose bag of props contains hula hoops. Take up to one hour and a half for yourself and work on your goals.

  • Learn tricks 

  • on-body hoop dance or tailored hoop workouts

  • enhance your flow 

  • improve your cardiovascular fitness, core strength, coordination & balance

  • learn to manage your mood and mental health 

  • express your emotions


Before you book, we will have a comprehensive discussion about your goals. Attention! Your end goal could be becoming a more confident, creative hooper or losing weight in order to feel lighter and reduce daily aches and pains and anything in between. You decide.

Enquire about the Buddy Up option: half the price, double the fun! Discounts available on multiple bookings!

See what hoopers said about this class in testimonials.

I will help you develop your own variations and style so that you can start to truly enjoy pushing your boundaries and develop this skill further.
I will guide and encourage you to let go and flow, both in your hoop and out of it - in real life. - Clara from Planet Hoop

ABSolved! workout

Wednesday, 7.00-7.40pm, Zoom

This class is FREE or by donation and will resume on the 15th of September. Check the timetable HERE.

Delete all the programming that tells you, day after day, that you don't deserve to feel good in your body, that you have to go through joyless workouts to feel fit and healthy, that you are not enough or not doing enough.


Declare yourself FREE OF GUILT AND OBLIGATIONS and do it out of love.

ABSolved! was designed to reveal to you your core self and help you strengthen (not change!!) the inside and the outside of who you are.​​


ABSolved! will:


  • suit all ages and abilities - perfect for improving technique and on-body hooping!

  • help you improve your posture

  • build the abdominal strength that will help maintain a healthy back

  • give you a good cardio and help you break a sweat

  • burn more calories (when associated with a correct diet)

  • help you start enjoying physical exercise

  • help you get leaner and feel lighter

  • rid you of deeply-buried guilt, insecurities and the outdated idea that you need to look and move a certain way in order to feel good in your own body​​

Free Community workshops

Coming up soon!

This workshop is a friendly gathering of people in their local community. You are more than welcome to bring your children, but please inform us in advance.

While this session does not follow a strict plan, we will always meet and greet, warm up and cool down after the exercise. Requests for tips or tricks are encouraged and beginners are specifically welcome to attend.

We delivered workshops at: Deptford Lounge, Ladywell Fields, Fox and Firkin, Honor Oak Community Centre, Sydenham Arts Centre and more!

The workshops sell out quickly, please book in advance and subscribe to stay updated!


If you are in doubt regarding accessibility or other aspects of this event, please contact us and we will try our best to make specific arrangements to accommodate you or a person you know.

Pre-course workshop

25th September, 11.30-13.00


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Find a local #PlanetHoopBuddy

Lone hooper? Get in touch!

Planet Hoop is growing and hoopers from all over the UK are joining the circle. 

There may not be a class in your area, but there sure is a hooper who is dying to play, share and meet a hoop friend for fun sessions in the park.

Are you based in: Surbiton, North-East England, East Sussex, Notting Hill, Clapham?

Contact us to be matched with a Hoop Buddy today or follow #PlanetHoopBuddy on Instagram!


It's play time!

Planet Hoop will make your event even more exciting!

Hula hooping is highly versatile and will be a great addition to a wide range of events:

- Birthday parties (adults and children)

- Festivals

- Weddings

- Hen parties

- Team-building and corporate events

- Children's camps

- School clubs and activities (for children and/or staff)

Local, Chinbrook Meadows:

"I particularly loved how it's suitable for all ages and how they all mixed up and created their own games with hula hoops!"


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