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Welcome, hooper! 

The Planet #zoomhooping sessions are a mix of stretches, on-body hooping and tricks, dance, breathing and laughter and togetherness in the virtual space.


Share this with your friends, especially if you know anyone self-isolating on their own. Share this with anyone who needs a little push in the morning, or share this with someone who is really struggling. 


1. Please download the Zoom app on your device and use the Free Plan.

2. Turn your camera and the audio on and set yourself on MUTE.

3. Wear comfy clothes, have your hoop and water ready.

4. Email questions or requests!

5. Follow our social media below or join the Facebook event for updates and videos!

These sessions are completely FREE. I lost my job and it's likely that some of you have lost yours too. It sucks and I want you to keep hooping and we'll get through this together. 

If you find the sessions valuable and you can afford to make a donation, please use my Paypal below or bank here.


With love and gratitude,

Clara xx

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Changes are coming up in June 2020! Please subscribe and keep an eye on the website or our social media for updates! Thank you for all your support, donations and interest so far!

Booking is now required.

Please book a class here.


I'll be in touch!

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