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How to get better at hooping

Looking back and seeing how much you achieved is so satisfying. So how can you make sure you get the satisfaction of seeing your progress?

🐞 keep practising (nothing you do will compensate for a lack of practice)

Try to get 10 minutes of practice every day or whenever you get the chance. If you get lost in the flow, don't check the time. Enjoy being in the moment!

🐛 RECORD yourself. You don’t have to share anything, but instead, you’ll SEE how you’re doing. Sometimes you will be crying watching your videos, other times you’ll be celebrating them 😆

You will also learn things about yourself. I started paying much more attention to my posture and how I carry myself in the world. When you stand straight and gaze at the sky, your mood and your thoughts also shift.

🐌 go back to basics regularly - this will perfect your skill.

Think: waist hooping, grip strength, chest hooping, escalators.

🦋 repetition is …insert whatever word means success to you. It’s absolutely amazing to learn new things and it’s one way to grow, but the better you get at what you’re doing right now, the easier you will find new stuff whenever that comes up.

🪲 learn with an instructor. Join your local classes, book a 121 session, try an online workshop. Having an experienced teacher help you troubleshoot, give you the right tips and supporting you in your journey will make a huge difference and will also give you the confidence to keep on going. Everyone started out as a beginner, right?

Give me a shout if you need help with a more complex hoop move or if you're stuck with your waist hooping.

Join our Planet Hoop free/by donation classes every Thursday or find me somewhere in London and the surroundings. I'm on the socials too!

Love to you,

Clara from Planet Hoop


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