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Learn to hoop on your knees

Summer time means bare legs. Bare legs means leg hooping. Read for tips!!! 👇

🤌 first and foremost, yes those legs deserve to be out in the sun! They are beautiful, strong and they take you places. Give them some vit D and a hoop massage 😉

☝️put sunscreen on before you practise. Sticky legs means sticky hoops = easy trick to help you unlock the move (replace with any moisturiser if that helps)

☝️get some tape on that hoop. Grip tape or, better 3m tape. Hard to find these days but give it a google, however only of you really can’t get to grips with it after 1 month of intense practice 😋 train now, cheat later

👆good posture is everything! Look up, tighten up and get moving!

☝️easy on those knees! You’re not squatting, you’re hooping. Imagine that your legs are your waist. One chunky bit of meaty goodness, moving in unison. Glue them thighs together! 😁

☝️pace is essential! Get to know the way the hoop feels around your legs. It’s different then the hips, make no mistake, but see if you can combine a back and forth push with a soft rotation. That will help you in transitioning back up to waist.

☝️Don’t bloody give up. Take the whole summer. It’s not called a #hoopjourney for no reason.

Send me a message if you’re stuck. Email or find me on my Instagram.

Shall we have a class on it? Does your sofa allow such madness or would you rather have an in-person 121?


Clara xx


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