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Get a massage!

I was going to write this post in October but life got in the way.

When I was in Romania last month, I took my mum to a small resort town for a massage. It's her birthday in a few days and because I won't be there with her, I wanted to spoil her. I got myself one too, obvi! :D


Oh girl, how it broke me! But I absolutely loved it (and needed it!) and even though some areas of my back were sore for about 2 days after, I've been dreaming about another one since.

I have an office job too, that requires sitting at my desk most of the time, typing and using the mouse, which causes a lot of strain in my knees, lower back, right wrist, shoulders and neck - that is a LOT! Until 3 years ago, when I was teaching kids yoga every day, I never knew what body aches and pains are!

I brought this up with my hoopers in class this Wednesday and they came up with some brilliant suggestions on where to get an affordable massage in South-East London. Once I share this blog on Facebook, I will start adding more information which will hopefully enable all of you to get a session at least once in a while.

If you are not sure if you need a massage, don't worry. You probably do! :D

The amount of tension we accumulate in our bodies through physical activity or inactivity (!!!), emotions, stress or bad posture is unbelievable.

It's absolutely necessary to take time every week to stretch, relax, rub, move, caress, rest our bodies and show them some gratitude for the amazing work they do for us every day.

If you are a massage therapist in South-East London and have any offers on, email me at and I would love to share the information.

Have a great weekend, hoopers!


Clara xx



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